Here are some of the most popular use cases for our technology

If yours isn’t listed, get in touch and we can see if we can help!


Onboard your customers safely and securely, while being KYC and AML compliant

  • Steamline your onboarding process with automatic identity verification
  • Offer your customers maximum data privacy and protection
  • Introduce multi factor authentication into transactions to add another layer of security in a user friendly way

Anonymised Access Control for events and business premises

Contactless entry and exit to events and buildings without compromising the security of biometric data

  • Beyond simple facial recognition based entry systems, our solution; leverages zero knowledge proof algorithms to protect and anonymise biometric information for seamless access control
  • Instead of facial data getting stored on a cloud, our technology uses a privacy enhanced anonymised facial embeddings storage system so that the facial data points of a user do not get stored together for maximum security


Verify attendees in advance to reduce physical contact checks and queues on event day while preventing touts

  • Verify ticketholders age and identity in advance of an event to prevent queues and checkpoints
  • Our blockchain powered ticket format allows controlled resale and prevents ticket touts from operating
  • Easy to integrate with your existing platforms


Make it easy and seamless for students to enroll and access their certificates

  • Students can use the Verifoxx app to verify their identity in order to receive their student card on enrollment , instead of emailing personal documents
  • Reduce complexity and costs by using our blockchain powered solution to manage secure access to exam results, degrees and certificates 


Offer instant and secure age verification to your customers

  • Be compliant to gambling regulations 
  • Offer your customers maximum data privacy and protection
  • Partner with us to offer Verifoxx to your customers or, integrate our technology into your solution


Empower patients to allow access to their medical information and identity on demand

  • An easy way for a patient to prove who they are to create a patient profile
  • A patient can allow various medical professionals access to their own digital records in a decentralised way
  • Ensures compliance with privacy regulations 

Human Resources

Quickly verify the identities of new employees to speed up recruitment process 

  • Empower new joiners to verify their identity in a quick and seamless way
  • Reduce paperwork and increase efficiencies
  • Transform and automate the payroll process with our SMART contracts blockchain technology

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